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Helping others to benefit from all that free energy, and to do it themselves!

A site to help people build Their Own System(s), or get someone to help or do it for them!

C'mon in from the cold! and remember:
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The cost of everything continues to escalate much quicker than most of us are earning. So, even knowing that solar energy will help keep costs down in the long run, who can afford to have it installed?

It is a much different scenario if you do the installation yourself, and we are here to help. FOREVER SOLAR, c'mon in and grab a few rays!

If you live in an area where you receive sunlight that is not taxed or sold, then you can grab a few of those rays and start decreasing your carbon footprint. Solar is one of the few things provided us that others are not taking away or charging us to use (I am sure the oil companies are looking for a way). Take advantage of your SOLAR and/or wind power!

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